Mission & Vision


To provide students the academic and life skills needed for post-graduation success by incorporating research-based best practices in an innovative and safe learning environment.

This mission will be served by providing the School’s students with a personalized academic plan including post- secondary exploration implemented in an environment that is responsive to its students’ needs, and by providing an educational experience that leads to a high school diploma (not a GED) and post-secondary success.


Instructional Vision

To educate, engage and inspire students in a learning environment that models the values of integrity, teamwork, perseverance and personal responsibility, and where respect is the foundation of productive relationships, such that each graduate possesses the knowledge and character to meet the challenges of learning, working and living in the 21st Century.

The School will provide a comprehensive, positive educational experience that will impart to each student the knowledge, desire, and confidence needed to succeed in reaching his/her goals. The School will strive to motivate, teach, and guide each student through his/her educational growth and development. This will be accomplished by emphasizing the development of both cognitive and social skills. Stark offers a safe, secure, clean environment, and researched field-tested educational programs that have proven very successful in educating at-risk students