The climate of a school includes its kids and its diversity, but it includes much more than that. Fostering a positive school climate is an important aspect of school improvement efforts. It encourages collaboration among faculty and staff and motivates students to get engaged.  At Stark, we want our students to be able to participate in after-school activities that enrich our students with creativity, athletic skills, and academic challenges that support the school climate.

In addition, afterschool clubs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for our students!


Student Activities

  • Basketball Open Gym
  • Girl's Workout Session
  • Fuel - Girl-s group
  • Sill It - Boy's group
  • Paren'ts Circle
  • Grad's group
  • ACT, OGT, AIR test prep

Special Event Programs

  • Free Tutoring / Peer Tutoring                             
  • Student Achievement Celebrations
  • Attendance Awards
  • Fun Friday Reward Day
  • Teamer Emulation Celebration
  • Black History Celebration
  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration
  • Spirit Days